Dental Radiographs
Exposure: mSV

0.038 mSV
(4 films)

Full Mouth Series
0.150 mSV
(18 films)

0.019 mSV
(jaw film)

Average Radiation per Person
from Natural Sources
(per year)
3.000 mSV

Dental X-Ray Information in Hamilton

Radiation from flight

The radiation you’d receive from a full set of dental X-rays is about the same as what you’d get from flying between New York City and Denver.

Radiation from nature

It would take 20 full series of X-rays to equal the amount of radiation the average citizen picks up from background sources each year from outer space, the Earth, natural materials, natural foods and even other people.

Radiation from brick building

Living in a brick building adds an additional .01 mSV per year over the radiation you would receive from living in a wooden structure.

Radiation from other people

Sleeping next to another person exposes each partner to an extra 0.02 mSV per year.